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Jade Sushi and New Asian: classic flavors with an asian fusion twist.

If you’ve been reading my past foodventures, you know G and I are always looking for new places that offer an amazing dining experience. So when I got the chance to speak with people at Jade Sushi and New Asian, an asian fusion place with captivating food pictures on Instagram, and they invited us to have some lunch with them, I was completely sold.

As usual, I try not to set high expectations and just let the place surprise me. I’ve found that to be the best way to actually enjoy my overall experience.

Jade Sushi and New Asian has been open for over a year, and it’s located in College Park. I’m ashamed to say that we’ve never been to college park before, but after this visit we’ll sure be coming back. If you haven’t been there either, do yourself a favor and take a walk around the many restaurants and stores, the vibe is seriously amazing.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by Stephanie, a super nice girl that lead us to our table and made sure to recommend us some of her favorite dishes in the menu. I really like when servers, employees and even the owners tell me what they enjoy the most, it makes it easier for me to pick what I’ll have. Otherwise I’ll get completely lost on the menu and will take forever to decide, G can verify this information for you anytime. 

For starters they have anything from things you’ll probably find at most asian restaurants, like edamame and tempura vegetables, to octopus salad (which, spoiler alert, we ordered for ourselves). You can get started with some sushi rolls as well, they offer common sushi rolls, but the best findings are in the ‘signature roll’ column, of course. They also serve a variety of vegetarian rolls, which is always a great choice to have.

When it comes to ‘main flavors’, they have many different offers like ramen noodle soups (classic flavors and some adventurous ones as well), and of course, asian fusion dishes, with their sizzling evil ribs (a people’s favorite, according to Stephanie!), Korean fried chicken, and wasabi-crusted strip steak (if you follow me on Instagram, you already know about this one!).

What I want to say with all of this is that they really have something for everyone. Even if you’re afraid of trying something different, they’ll have classic asian flavors that you’ll be comfortable with. Just give them the chance, and I promise you won’t regret it!

Octogarden salad: grilled octopus, Japanese Shiso pesto, zucchini, berries, and grape tomatoes.

I’m not going to lie, the first thing that came to my mind when they brought this salad to our table was “this is too pretty! I’m not going to eat it”, but after taking my Instagram-worthy shots, we took our first bite and then we weren’t able to stop until there was nothing left.

This is not your typical octopus salad, and I think that makes it even better. The pesto is amazing, I don’t even know how they came up with this combination but I really enjoyed it. The grape tomatoes and berries gave it a fresh twist that made me want to eat it all in one sitting, even though we knew we had ordered way too much food.

Black widow roll: Fried soft shell crab, salmon skin, avocado, topped with a layer of eel and eel sauce.

Of course we couldn’t decide on just one starter, so we had to get a taste a set of sushi rolls as well!

This was also one of Stephanie’s recommendations and, oh boy, she truly knows what we like. I’ll have to take her with me everywhere and tell her to recommend us dishes in every place we visit!

Seriously, the crunchy crab is the first thing that I tasted, and I loved it! Love at first bite, right? However, if you’re not really into sweet flavors, you probably should skip this. I love eel sauce so this for me was a big thumbs up. G loved it as well!

Jampong spicy seafood noodle soup: Fried soft shell crab, shrimp, scallops, squid, scallions, and Korean hot pepper sauce.

I know what you’re thinking: we ordered way too much food. And you’re totally right, but we enjoyed every bite of it!

G loves ramen so he couldn’t help but order this huge ramen bowl for himself, and was kind enough to let me try it so I could tell you my input on it. Let’s be real, this is truly spicy, at least for me. But if you’re like G and you like strong flavors, you’re going to love this. I liked what I tried, but I can’t picture myself eating a whole bowl of it. My man, on the other hand, is a warrior. So he went all in and enjoyed every bite of it.

What we both liked the most was the amazing variety of seafood they were able to combine into a single dish. When they called it “spicy seafood noodle soup” they weren’t messing around. Bonus points for their eggs! The chef told us they’re marinated overnight in soy sauce, and that brought such a delightful flavor, I still think about it today!

Best dish in Jade Sushi and New Asian

Wasabi-crusted strip steak: wasabi, amazu sauce, fried scallion, mushroom duxelles, 8oz NY strip

I know she probably won’t be reading this, but if any of you guys know Stephanie from Jade Sushi and New Asian, please tell her that I still love her for recommending this to me. I’m not even kidding. Without any doubt, this was my favorite part of the entire meal, and boy, it was all exquisite.

I was scared when I read “wasabi” because I tend to associate that with a strong spicy flavor that I can’t usually tolerate. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case with this dish.

It may seem like I’m making this up or exaggerating, but I kid you not, I didn’t expect this to be so surprisingly good and tasty. Bonus points for the mushroom duxelles and their crunchiness (not sponsored by any means! I promise!). Steak was super tender and flavorful, but what I couldn’t stop eating were the duxelles. They’re made out of shiitake mushrooms, regular mushrooms and garlic, but I think they have some kind of drug that made me addicted to them. I’m planning on going back just to eat this again!


Dessert: red bean jelly, gold flakes, kiwi and some other berries, with gold flakes, served over honey sauce.

We weren’t really planning on ordering dessert but when Francis (the nicest server you’ll ever meet. Seriously, she’ll make your experience so much better, if that’s even possible) told us the chef had made this specially for us, we couldn’t resist. After all, you’ve heard the saying that says “dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart”.

Long story short, when Lewis came and explained to us what we were eating, I didn’t really imagine liking a jello dessert so much. But that’s what made it so light and simple, yet rich in flavor thanks to the berries and the honey sauce. The gold flakes of course made it look incredibly beautiful, and I say this to you after looking at the dessert for like 10 minutes and contemplating how pretty it was.

We then had the chance to talk with Lewis about his background and how he got started in this delightful journey, which is always my favorite part of trying new places like this one. He was born in Taiwan, but worked and moved around Asia for years, getting a taste of Japan, Korea and China during his lifetime, which gave him the tools to develop recipes and pairings that do bring something different and innovative to the table. He has worked for more than 10 years in different restaurants, so he has tons of experience when it comes to the service industry, and it all shows when you visit a place like Jade Sushi and New Asian, and leave thinking about who are you going to invite the next time you come here, because you just can’t keep this hidden gem to yourself.

If you follow me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), you’ll be seeing more of this place in my feed. We can’t wait to go again! And I’ll definitely be asking Stephanie for more of her recommendations because everything we had was out of this world.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned for more foodventures and don’t forget to give me your feedback! If you have any recommendations on places I really need to try around the Orlando/Winter Garden/Windermere area, let me know! We’d be trilled to get a taste of them.


TL;DR: I can’t even explain how great this place was. Please visit them and ask Stephanie for her favorite dishes, she won’t disappoint you. Also, don’t forget to try the mushroom duxelles that come with the Wasabi-crusted strip steak.


Jade Sushi and New Asian

2425 Edgewater Dr,
Orlando, FL

+1 (407) 422 7968



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