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Sausage Shack: the best sausages in Florida. You’ll never find something similar.

Hi there! If you’ve been reading my past foodventures you know how this goes. This time I got the chance to visit Sausage Shack, a stand located in Altamonte Mall that does sausage like no one else can. I’m not even exaggerating, this guy knows how to serve them.

The stand has many blackboard signs to tell you the day’s special (or Dan’s newest invention), to drive your attention to a craft beer bucket (I’m not a big fan of beer but it’s good to know that they have this choice for those in the look of a ‘traditional’ hot dog experience), and of course, they’re great mustard bar. They have all kinds of mustard you can think of, from the most traditional one, to the spiciest!

But you’re here to know about their food, right? So let’s begin this feast!

About to get a taste of a hot dog that was out of this world

I went with G this time, and thank God because I wouldn’t have been able to eat all those hot dogs by myself. Dan took great care of us and made sure we got a taste of pretty much everything he serves. I kid you not, I think we tried like 90% of the menu, but I have no regrets at all.

Sausage Shack offers a build-your-own-hot-dog kind of deal, but we let Dan build them all because he’s the sausage expert here (I know I’ve said sausage way too many times but I can’t help it! I find it to be a funny word. Silly me). It’s pretty customizable so there’s something for everyone, including donut hot dogs, but we’ll talk about that a little later. You can easily eat for under $10, maybe $15 if you decide to go for their foot long hot dog (yes, foot long. We don’t judge here!).

Chicken sausage with tomato, mozzarella and basil. Herb mustard on top

We got started with a chicken sausage on a stick! This one was pretty simple but really good. Dan told me it only has 150 calories -and that’s the only low-cal thing you’ll read about today- so I think it’s a great choice if you’re counting calories or just want to skip the carbs. This one paired really well with herb mustard, but I bet you could also add something more spicy if you wanted to make it even more interesting. If this is too boring for you, don’t worry. We’re just getting started!


All American 1/2 lb beef foot long hot dog. Sauerkraut and sautéed onions on top.

When Dan brought this hot dog to our table, we got super impressed and a little intimidated as well. If you’re really really really hungry, this is for you. It’s a traditional American sausage (only way bigger), and you can top it with whatever you want. Dan suggested Sauerkraut and sautéed onions so that’s what we had. Both sides tasted incredibly good. I’m not really a fan of sauerkraut, that’s more a G’s thing, but I really enjoyed the flavor of this one. It really made the hot dog tastier. Two thumbs up if you’re in the look for something traditional, but yet willing to go the extra mile.


Chorizo with bread of the day. Sautéed onions on top.

I need to start by saying that, as impossible as this sounds, we really enjoyed everything Dan brought to our table. But the chorizo hot dog was a personal favorite. If you’ve ever tasted a good chorizo, you know what I’m talking about when I say that they make everything taste better. This one had a little spice at the end, but that just made the whole hot dog even better to me, and I’m not even a spicy food kinda person. G liked this one as well.

This is one of a kind. I think I’m willing to drive all the way to Altamonte Springs (we’re at Windermere) just to have another one. That’s how good it was.


Chicago style hot dog, with traditional sausage. Raw Onions, Pickle and mustard on top.

Then we tried another classic. If you’ve ever been to a baseball game in Chicago, you’ve probably seen something like this. You can’t go wrong with this kind of hot dog. If you’re into traditional food but aren’t willing to eat a foot long hot dog (I’m sorry, to this day I’m still impressed), I’d definitely customize my hot dog to make it look like this one.


Bangers and Mash: British Banger sausage with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.

And because we love trying out things we’ve never had before, we had to get a taste of the Bangers and Mash. Dan, who’s the owner of Sausage Shack and comes from the UK, told us this is a British dish. The sausages gets the ‘bangers’ title because of the sound they make when you’re frying them (bang! bang! get it?) and he chops them, and mixes them in a cup with tons of mashed potatoes and gravy. If you love gravy, this is just right for you. It’s also easy to eat for someone as messy and clumsy as I am because it comes in a cup so bonus points for that. Thumbs up for British bangers!


Smoked Polish Donut Hot Dog. Honey Mustard and BBQ Mustard on top.

Finally we had what, to me, was the best thing I tasted in the whole day (probably competing with the chorizo hot dog for the first place): the donut hot dog. Yes, you read that right.

This is Dan’s invention and when he told me about it, I wasn’t so sure about what it was going to be like. I know how weird it sounds but I promise the sweet bun goes perfectly with the smoked polish sausage. Dan didn’t pay me to say this. This is not a sponsored post. It really is that good.

Please make yourself a favor and next time you’re driving past Altamonte Springs, or even if you’re in downtown Orlando, pay Dan a visit and tell him you read about his amazing donut hot dog at and you just had to try it. You can thank me later.


Dan. The owner, cooker and inventor of the amazing food we tasted!

I’ve been naming Dan tons and tons of times during this entry (maybe too many times? idk) and here’s the official introduction. He’s the owner of this great place and he makes everything you saw here. To me, when the owners are involved in their business and really believe in their project, it shows not only in the food, but in the overall experience you get when you visit them.

He takes great care of every little detail, and to me that’s key to serving great food. He’s also really nice and sat with us answering all of our too many questions. He explained to us that he was a chef at a place in the International Drive for years. And before that, he was a barman for a cruise line (living my dream to travel the world!). So he’s always liked the hospitality industry. Maybe that’s why he likes taking care of his customers and his place by himself.

So, to conclude, I’m pleasantly surprised by everything we had. It’s not just another hot dog place (although you can get traditional hot dogs here) and, since their prices are so low, it’s definitely worth trying! Whatever you do, don’t forget to get a donut hot dog!


TL;DR: this place is great. You need to try the chorizo hot dog and the donut hot dog. Your life won’t be the same after those!


Sausage Shack Orlando

Altamonte Mall (right next to Cinnabon and Dairy Queen).
Altamonte Springs, FL

+1 (407) 960 6117



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