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International food club: the biggest surprise of the week

I don’t know if I’ve shared this on Instagram or not, but G and I absolutely love tasting exotic flavors. We’re always excited to find and try new places that captivate our senses, specially our tastebuds, of course. So you can imagine that when the International Food Club invited us to have lunch at their café, we said yes immediately.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect because of the ‘international’ aspect of it, since it’s such a broad word, you can only imagine what you’ll get, but I was totally in!

When you first arrive, you’ll probably be a little confused and start wondering if you actually came to the right place. From the outside, it seems anything but a food place. Once you step in, it’s a whole different story.

Their main deal, believe it or not, is not serving food, but selling you the ingredients to make it yourself. The International Food Club is this HUGE market/warehouse-like place full of different spices and flavors from all around the world. I’m telling you, they weren’t exaggerating when they named themselves ‘International’.

Their items are categorized by country of origin, which makes you feel like you’re taking a mini tour around the world. G and I got lost walking around for like 45 minutes, just looking at all the different things they had. Starting with spices from the Middle East, to the widest variety of chocolates, you’ll surely find something for every taste.

But let’s get real, we were there for lunch, right? Well, this is how it went.

Tons of green, yumminess and flavor.

We agreed on getting different things and then share (even though Joey Michelle doesn’t share food) so we could both get a taste of almost everything. To my surprise, G came to the table with a plate full of greens and salad, even though I can’t get him to eat anything similar at home. And I just asked for whatever people liked the most –that’s why I call this my ‘foodventures’, you never know what you’re going to get-, I didn’t even know what I was getting my tastebuds into.

My plate: greek salad, beef kebab/kabob, a samosa, fruit salad and some baked beans.


Let me clear this out. If you go, you have to try their kabobs. The beef kabob was my absolute favorite from everything I had -and boy, I tried lots of food. I don’t know if it’s the spices or if it’s the kind of beef they use, but it was addictive. I’m still wishing I got more to-go so I could eat it later at home. I might go back just to buy some.

The greek salad (left side) was super fresh, and being a fan of feta cheese and tomatoes, I found this to be my favorite salad. G liked the cucumber salad better, this one is called ‘fruit salad’ and it’s also really fresh, so it depends on what you prefer, but they’re both good.

And finally, that little thing next to the kabob is a samosa. It’s kind of like a salty pastry but beware, it’s extra spicy, so make sure you have some water when you’re trying it. I don’t like spicy food and I still enjoyed it, I just had to share it with G because I couldn’t tolerate all that spice on my own.

G’s plate: curry chicken over basmati rice, Baba Ghannouj (grilled eggplant dip) and garden salad

The curry chicken surprised me in the best way possible. Unlike the samosa, it’s not that spicy, although it does have that strong curry flavor (it’s curry chicken, duh). It was flavorful and tasty, and the basmati rice made it even better.

The garden salad was good but, in my opinion, not better than the greek salad. Maybe because the latter one just won my heart when I tried it. G still loved this one so it’s definitely worth trying if you like cucumber, or if you go with someone else and decide to share (I promise it makes all the experience even better!).

And finally, what I can say comes second in the list of my favorite food from this foodventure: the Baba Ghannouj! This is like a sort of eggplant dip that you usually eat with flatbread or if you’re like me, maybe even with baby carrots at home. I love doing that when we buy hummus. It doesn’t have a strong eggplant flavor and it’s so creamy, you can’t stop yourself from eating it all in one sitting. Definitely worth trying!

All in all, even though I didn’t know what to expect when I came, this place surpassed my expectations. Food is great and has this homemade feel that makes it even better. Nothing better than tasting real food instead of mass-produced meals at a fast food place.

We also checked their prices and let me tell you, if you go for one of their lunch specials you’ll get yourself a great deal! You can eat a full meal with $7.50. Being so cheap, why not give it a go, right? There’s nothing to lose! I promise you’ll love it.


That’s it for this foodventure. Stay tuned for more restaurant reviews and recipes (I’ll have a good one this Sunday) and follow me both on Twitter (@mlovestoeat) and Instagram (@michellelovestoeat) because I love posting about my daily life in both social media channels.

TL;DR: an amazing surprise. Great international food with a homemade feel. Prices are also great, try their beef kabob!


International Food Club

4300 LB McLeod Rd
Orlando, FL 32811

+1 (321) 281 4300


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