Hey there!

I just thought I had to start by introducing myself. My name is Michelle, and as you probably already figured out, I really love to eat.

This is just my journey finding (and cooking!) amazing stuff -and maybe some not-so-good food, as well, since we’re being realistic here- and sharing all those foodventures (ha! see what I did there?) with you guys.

This whole project started as an Instagram page to post exclusively photos of what I ate, separated from my personal account so I wouldn’t annoy all my friends and family posting the same things over and over again. But eventually it became my passion. I became more and more excited on finding new things to cook and prepare, and making them look ‘instagramable’, while keeping a great flavor, of course!

I must also introduce G, my boyfriend and partner in crime. He probably loves eating as much as I do, he just doesn’t like cooking (unless it’s a BBQ), so he gets to taste every single thing that I make at home. We also love eating out, so you’ll see tons of restaurant reviews over here as well!

And to end this extra-long introduction, I wanted to feature one of my favorite plates in the entire world. That one is from my home town, by the beach, but I pretty much love everything that can live under the sea (no sponges, please!). And if you get to sit by the sea while you eat it, then that’s officially the best thing in the entire world for me.

I hope you enjoy reading about this as much as I enjoy eating and blogging, and as we say at home

¡Buen provecho!


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