Combineating: strawberries + greek yogurt

Welcome back! I’d like to introduce you to ‘combineating’, a section where I’ll share different ways to mix one or more ingredients into various recipes. It’s something I’d like to do to get more creative with what I have in my fridge/pantry.

This first edition actually happened naturally! I wasn’t even trying. I just realized that I was incorporating strawberries and greek yogurt into many breakfast recipes and voilà, combineating was born!

greek yogurt + strawberries

Of course we have to start with the obvious one: greek yogurt + strawberries.

This is a super quick breakfast for those days when you don’t feel like cooking or have little time before running out the door. I just fill my plate with natural greek yogurt, chopped strawberries, chia seeds (because they have tons of benefits!) and some honey, because I love sweets.

You could easily turn this into an even more instagramable smoothie bowl (have you seen how pretty those are?) by freezing your berries before and throwing them in the blender with your yogurt. The result? Pink yogurt that feels like ice cream for breakfast!

Not bad, huh?

chocolate oatmeal + greek yogurt

This one is great if I have a long morning ahead of me or if I just did cardio because I end up starving. It’s basically mixing some oatmeal + greek yogurt + strawberries + shaved chocolate on top.

Yes, I think we can all see a trend on breakfasts that taste like dessert. Guilty! 

When I don’t add the greek yogurt, I mix in some egg-whites when I’m cooking the oatmeal in order to add some protein, but that’s a whole other recipe and I’ll be sure to post it later! This works with overnight oats as well. Yuuuum!

pancakes + greek yogurt + strawberries

I had to leave my favorite as the last one and of course I couldn’t decide in just one picture for pancakes topped with greek yogurt and strawberries!

This works for every kind of pancake you might have in mind. And if you’re wondering how many kinds of pancakes are there, let me tell you I’ve tried many: oatmeal, banana, regular, chocolate, pumpkin, and the list goes on. I made these with two ingredients: bananas and eggs. Then I added the stars of this combineating and the final result was this healthy and delicious tower of pancakes, a great recipe to start my day!

But when I’m in the mood for something extra sweet and yummy I’ll go for chocolate pancakes with Nutella, greek yogurt and strawberries that no one can resist! And I promise the combination between yogurt and Nutella tastes better than it sounds. Or you can skip the Nutella and sprinkle some chocolate chips for extra sweetness, as I also did another morning. Totally up to you!

pancakes + Nutella + greek yogurt


chocolate pancakes + chocolate chips + greek yogurt + strawberries

Is there any other way to incorporate greek yogurt and strawberries into breakfast? Let me know if you’ve tried any or if there’s a recipe I can’t miss! I’d love to hear from you.


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